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Cultivating Well Being

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Product  & Business Development for the Nutraceutical Industry

3 Decades of Service to the Dietary Supplement, Functional Food, and Natural Products Industry

Herbal Medicine

Product Development

Creating  innovative solutions for optimal wellness:

  • Dietary Supplements

  • Functional Beverages

  • Functional Foods

  • Better-For-You and Enhanced Foods

To create a successful product one must incorporate not only what is new, but what is most efficient & delivers maximum value for both the dollar and the milligram. Product development is a delicate dance of intention, science, & markets.

Marketer, Consumer & Channel

Understanding a brands core values and points of differentiation, who is the intended audience, and through what channel this audience will be reached is the first part of successful product innovation.

Humans & Optimizing Wellness & Healthy Function

Competence in basic physiology, metabolism, and understanding the normal and healthy structure and function of human systems and tissues is required to address the questions of nutraceutical product development. 

Ingredients, Process, Packaging, Preference, and the State-of-the-Art 

Crafting a successful product solution that meets these many subtle requirements demands both deep and broad knowledge of ingredients, manufacturing processes, packaging technologies, and trends in consumer preferences


Business Development

It’s about being of Service -

How to deliver maximum value to the customers you serve 
How to become relevant to the customer you want to serve
How to derive maximum leverage from the ventures current position
How to most efficiently develop new value for your customers, your team, and stakeholders

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Regulatory Affairs and Market Development
Balance Driving Success

3 Decades of Service to the Dietary Supplement, Functional Food, and Natural Products Industry

 Scales of Justice

Regulatory Affairs

The Power of Doing what is Right!

Compliance with the best practices in cGMP & communications facilitate brand excellence

Compliance empowers:

  • Producing product in the most consistent, accurate, and sanitary manner possible

  • Production of the safest product with legitimate ingredients

  • Brand promises that are met and marketing claims that can be supported with evidence

Traditionally compliance and marketing stood in opposition - like a childish game of cops and robbers. Forward thinking companies can leverage compliance to build credibility with the consumer, achieve efficient operations, gain advantage over competitors, all while honorably serving their partners & customers

Familiarity and competence with the relevant regulations, regular participation with trade associations, and establishing and nurturing a deep network of suppliers, analytical laboratories, contract manufacturers, and like minded content experts is essential to support complaint operations

Marketing and Sales Support

Finding your Channel, Strategy, Voice, & Message

The crafting and delivery of impactful messages and finding the audience 

Identification of the essential benefits of an ingredient, process, delivery technology, or the functional value of a formulation requires a fundamental understanding of the product and the marketplace in which it lives.

Having a great message and finding the right audience is equally important to having a great product for success. In fact many great products fail, and some flawed products succeed - the difference is the correct message to the right audience.

Successful brands will have the best possible answer to the question and needs that their messaging creates. We facilitate this comprehensive process.

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